We offer a range of home care services to help support you.

Some of the services we provide are

Home Care

Our domiciliary care helps you preserve your independence, and self esteem. We provide support from long-term complex care, to everyday living by offering high quality care service, tailored to individual requirements.


Critical Care/Complex Care

We are team of critical care professionals and carers ready to meet your need.  We believe each patient differ, hence every aspect of customers care is carefully selected and planned. We ensure you comfortable with all our processes. Skills development and updating are  important in this profession, we therefore regularly schedule training to improve effectiveness and confidence of carers, and safety of critically ill.


Palliative Care

Watershed Care provides supportive care with diagnosis and treatment for customers with advanced progressive illnesses.  Whatever the customer’s state of health, we provide valuable support during the period of illness and in bereavement. Our palliative team are updated in order to maximize each customer’s quality of life as well as their family’s peace of mind.


Disability Care

Watershed care services recognise the professionalism essential in caring for the disabled hence we offer specialist care in this area and train our carers as to the needs of each customer in terms of appropriate equipment at home and the care needed to maximize customer’s quality of life, mobility and safety.


Respite Care

We provide respite care services in your own home, hence allowing families to rest. You can be confident that your loved ones are being well looked after by competent palliative care team who understands their needs.


Private postnatal care services

We offer support to all new parents in their own homes, from assistance with the new born to night support at home to enable good night rest.


Home from Hospital Care Services

Be it a high level of care or just some support with activities of daily living during recuperation period, our care team are ready to assist you with all this. This service enables you to return home after hospital stay to settle back home.


Overseas Care Services

Watershed Care Services also offer overseas customers care management, from provision of Consultants specialized in area of your medical need to admission and discharge from hospital with follow up management and care. We arrange medical checkups and special investigations for patients from different countries and backgrounds.